Custus Gate, Priere Plain

Maletties are powerful Lettie type monsters found in Custus Gate. Unlike the previous Mini-Boss Lettie type monster, the Lich Lettie, Maletties are easier to avoid and only spawn in one location. They can be found on the cliff that overlooks the entrance to the area.

A Malettie will eventually appear in Priere Plain and cause territory disputes among the monsters. Worried about the fighting affecting travelers, Mathias offers Sneaking Demon Quest to get rid of the monster. This Malettie is more powerful than its Custus Gate counterpart and has nearly three times as much HP.

Malettie is the target enemy for the Gunner's second class change quest.



Custus GateEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
65 ~2493 472 105 Physical Attacks All Magic Skills

Priere PlainEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
70 ~6773 2348 1505 Physical Attacks All Magic Skills


  • Lucus - Magical light-based attack
  • Nocus - Magical dark-based attack
  • Magic Jump - Drains MP
  • Cure - Healing spell


Custus GateEdit

Priere PlainEdit

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