Lake Lillebren
Lake Lillebren
Lake Lillebren


Burgess, Hector


Float Edge, Gullflower, Ice Toad, Lich Floater, Raiden, Capt.Gizo

Adelbard Noble Town - Lake Lillebren - Royal Core Lab

Lake Lillebren is a lake that is accessible for players with level 60 through Adelbard Noble Town, there is a beautiful underwater structure called Royal Core Lab. You can find several enemies like Gullflower, Ice Toad, Float Edge, Lich Floater (Mini-Boss), Raiden and Capt.gizo

Beware that there are monsters that are 10 levels above your level and can easily kill you.

Monster CombinationsEdit

Boss of the area

  • Raiden -you can fight him taking the Daily Quest "Blue Lightning" with the Npc Hector. easy to beat him on party. dangerous but not as our next Boss
2014-06-06 17.12.32


  • Capt.Gizo -helps Ned "The Bounty Hunter"  to cath him in the Side Quest "Capture The Wanted Person" with the Npc Roland. this guy is definitely not a piece of cake, has a lot of defense, much hp, and excessive force to the level where you can take the mission. -he can kill you in one shot in the 1st or 2nd turn-
2014-08-01 14.07.16

Capt.Gizo (Left) Ned (Right)



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