Rafika Canyon

Rafika Canyon and Rafika Canyon (Bridge)




Drepanon, Mage Lettie, Parvatail, Vexitaurus

Merida Village - Rafika Canyon - Tower in Ordina (The Gate) - Rafika Canyon (Bridge) - Loudad Cave

Rafika Canyon is a canyon that connects Merida Village, Tower in Ordina (The Gate) and Loudad Cave. The area consists of two parts: Rafika Canyon and Rafika Canyon (Bridge), the Bridge connects Loudad Cave to Rafika Canyon. This area is only accessible to player with level 20 and up.

Monsters spawns consist of the following:

  • Only Parvatails spawning on the Central path (up until the last fork).
  • A mixed group of Parvatail, Drepanon and Vexitaurus spawning in the Southeast clearing.
  • Parvatail and Drepanon spawning in the Southwest clearing near Gino and in Northeast clearing.
  • Parvatail and Mage Lettie spawning in the clearing North of Gino. The Vexitaurus boss fight durring the story quest "Through the Canyon" is located here as well.
  • Vexitaurus and Mage Lettie spawning in the clearing to the East.
  • Drepanon and Mage Lettie spawning in the Northwest clearing.

Monster CombinationsEdit


  • Gino will provide you quests that typically involve dealing with monsters that spawn in, Tower in Ordina and Loudad Cave. He is located in the first open area when following the left path at the first fork.


  • Rafika Canyon
  • Rafika Canyon
  • Rafika Canyon (Bridge)
  • Rafika Canyon (Bridge)
  • Rafika Canyon (Bridge)

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