Lake Lillebren, Soveldad Fortress

Gullflowers are dangerous carnivorous plant monsters that can be encountered first in Lake Lillebren. These creatures are known to be deadly and they could easily paralyze you and will deal alot of damage per hit.



Lake lillebrenEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
70 ~800 456 88 Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Light/Darkness/Decapitation ? Can paralyze you

Soveldad FortressEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
82 ~2528 561 125 Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Light/Darkness/Decapitation ? Can paralyze you


  • Bite - A physical attack that bites a player.
  • Stun Whip - A physical attack that has a possibility to Paralyze a player.
  • Acid Drop - A poisonous attack. (Not inflicts Poison or Venom)


Lake LillebrenEdit

Soveldad Fortress (Lower Floor)Edit

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