Asobikata kiso class 35f

Grand Sage

The Grand Sage is a Cleric next class that can be acquired after completing Class Change Exam 2 quest. The Grand Sage is the party/team booster since he/she has the Divinas Summon the Gain Break Level 3. The best skills of Grand Sage is Moltador from Ignis and Lumen from Stealth.

Skill TreeEdit

[Moltador L6]⇒[Moltador L7]⇒[*Moltador L8]⇒[Moltador L9]

[Winde L6]⇒[Winde L7]⇒[*Winde L8]⇒[Winde L9]

[Windie L7]⇒[Anti-Wind L6]⇒[Anti-Wind L7]⇒[Anti-Wind L8]⇒[Anti-Wind L9]

[Anti-Wind L6]⇒[Wind Guard]

[Anti-Wind L9]⇒[Wind G. Guard]

[Aqua L6]⇒[Aqua L7]⇒[*Aqua L8]⇒[Aqua L9]

[Anti-Aqua L6]⇒[Anti-Aqua L7]⇒[Anti-Aqua L8]⇒[Anti-Aqua L9]
[Anti-Aqua L6]⇒[*Water Guard]                      

[Anti-Aqua L8]⇒[*Water G. Guard]

[Cure L3]⇒[Cure L4]⇒[Cure L5]⇒[Cure L7]⇒[*Cure L8]⇒[Cure L9]
[Cure L3]⇒[*Blessing]                                     

[Cure L7]⇒[Invocation]⇒[*Alive]

[*Magicure L5]⇒[Magicure L6]⇒[Magicure L7]⇒[Magicure L8]⇒[Magicure L9]
[Magicure L7]⇒[*Magic Bash L7]⇒[Magic Bash L8]⇒[Magic Bash L9]

[Lumus L6]⇒[*Lumus L7]⇒[Lumus L8]⇒[Lumus L9]

[Lumus L7]⇒[*Lumen L7]⇒[Lumen L8]⇒[Lumen L9]

[M Def up 9]⇒[*Mp Up L7]⇒[Mp Up L8]⇒[Mp Up L9]⇒[Mp Up L10]

* - Key required


The unique skills of the Grand Sage is the Cure (cures HP of an ally), Alive (revives an ally but sometimes misses), Invocation (heals 10% HP every turn) and Full Restorative (50% unstatus all allies).

Other useful skills is Magic Bash (Curses foe), Winde and Aqua.

The Grand Sage is a self booster and party booster. He/she sometimes uses potions.

The disadvantage of Grand Sage is it always need a party when doing Story Quests and Daily Quests.

The suggested build for Grand Sage is 80-90 Spirit (to make full use of Divinas Summon), 40 Life and the rest of the points to Mind. If you want to make a fully supported Grand Sage, just put points in Life.

Gain BreakEdit

Vanetia (L1) : Hitting all foes with powerful magic.

Mana Refrain (L2) : Recover Full HP of yourself and allies

Divinas Summon (L3) : Recover Full HP/MP + Remove all Status effect + Bless Effect + Revive dead allies

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