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Light BucklerEdit

Tan BucklerEdit

Silver BucklerEdit

Silver ShieldEdit

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Purple ShieldEdit

Copper AplisEdit

Silver ClipeusEdit

Bronze ShieldEdit

P-Copper AplisEdit

Gold ShieldEdit

Grey PlateEdit

Mukden ClipeusEdit

Shine ShellEdit

Venom GustEdit

Bahal ShellEdit

Stella Cross Edit

​Mag BarrierEdit

Strance ShellEdit

Azlo BarrierEdit

Vivid T-Shield​Edit

Vivid Fin ShieldEdit

Vivid Mst ShieldEdit

Venom ShieldEdit

Viper ShieldEdit


Heavy ShieldEdit

Gull ShieldEdit

Knight ShieldEdit

Bull ShieldEdit

Silly ShieldEdit

Knight GoldEdit

Knight WallEdit

Red AllyEdit

Green AllyEdit

King's ShieldEdit

Young DaoEdit

  • [M/F] A flat sword best used in pairs
  • Barbarian, Vanguard
  • Level 65
  • Def +11, MDef +6, Flee -7, Hit -2
  • From: Pet expedition

Saintly ShieldEdit

Clan ShieldEdit

Far DaoEdit

Calis ShieldEdit

Apre ShieldEdit

Gloire ShieldEdit

Hidden DaoEdit

Gate WallEdit

Sounder DaoEdit

Spath WallEdit

Red WallEdit

Strong DaoEdit

Thunder DaoEdit

Black DaoEdit

Flame DaoEdit

Burning DaoEdit

Dark DaoEdit

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