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Loudad Cave, Soveldad Fortress

The Coolies are abandoned mining machines that appear alongside the Cargos. They have gone rogue and now attack anyone at sight in Loudad Cave. They can be found along the entrance and across the cave and are also really weak against lightning.

A stronger version can be found in the Outer Circumference of Soveldad Fortress, accompanied by Dragofly and Cubie.



Loudad Cave Edit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
43 ~508 323 48 Thunder ?


  • Laser Crush - Uses laser to deal magical damage
  • Bowler Arm - Uses its cutter arms to deal physical damage
  • Top Gear - Uses its wheel to deal physical damage
  • Self-Repair - Repairs itself


Loudad Cave Edit

Soveldad Fortress Edit

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