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Celes Arca has a total of sixteen classes, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Classes can be changed by completing special missions once the player is at a sufficient level. Keep note that once a class has been upgraded, it cannot be downgraded, so it is advised to choose wisely.

Novice (Level 1)Edit

Screenshot novice


Balanced stats (?)


see Novice class page

Gain Break:Edit

Heal Pain (L1) : Restore some HP

Class change:Edit

Mission: Class Change Exam

Level requirement: 5 + Story Quest 1.2 Knight Orders

Novice → Fighter, Gunner, or Mage

Fighter (Level 5)Edit

Type fighter

Characteristics: Edit

High HP and ATK


see Fighter skill list

Gain Break:Edit

Power Swipe (L1) : Powerful attack on a single foe.

Class change:Edit

Mission: Superior Class Change Examination from Yugue

Level requirement: 65

FighterKnight or Barbarian

Type barbarian male

Barbarian Class

Type knight male

Knight Class

Asobikata kiso class 20m

Vanguarda Class

Asobikata kiso class 19m

Lord Knight Class

Gunner (Level 5)Edit

Type gunner


High evasion rate


see Gunner skill list

Gain Break:Edit

Heavy Lock On (L1): 4 x 1/3 Regular attack to all enemies with high possibility to inflict Petrify status.

Class change:Edit

Mission: Superior Class Change Examination from Yugue

Level requirement: 65

GunnerStriker or Jaegar


Striker Class


Jaegar Class


Dragonar Class


Gunslinger class

Mage (Level 5)Edit

Type mage


High MP and MAtk


See Mage skill list

Gain Break:Edit

Vanetia (L1) : Hitting all foes with powerful magic.

Class change:Edit

Mission: Superior Class Change Examination from Yugue

Level requirement: 65

MageCleric or Magician

Asobikata kiso class 34f

Magician Class

Asobikata kiso class 33f

Cleric Class

Asobikata kiso class 36f

Joker Class

Asobikata kiso class 35f

Grand Sage Class

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