• -YuiNeko-

    Say Hi!!!

    December 14, 2014 by -YuiNeko-

    Hello Everyone~

    How are you?I'm fine yes thank yyou,today...yui(me) start to have a blogging hobby xD so,if there's a mistaked word or sentence comment below!

    To the topic!I'd like to share my Times at Celes Arca(one of my fav RPG) for today!(14 December 2014) my current level is 35+ nearly 40 XD too noob to blog sumthin,so...I'll share my 20-30+ times ^o^)/

    1.1st class change​,well its kinda weird but enjoy!                                        At my first class change I chose Fighter and guess what!                        It fits to my cute cat character,it symbolizes "a loyal cat butler" /lol       Fighters ability:       

    1. Gain break: Power Swipe (mine):this permanent/? Skill able to damage enemy more than normal skills and attacks
    2. Fierce a…
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  • WarriorLER

    in need ...

    June 18, 2014 by WarriorLER

    Heyy people, salutations n.n I'm here to anaunce that I am in need of help to hunt down the Karatus (It may sound dumb for high level's, but who cares) that I cant hunt dow. Anyone interested on helping, please contact me through whatsapp, my user name is "luisito fuego". Ill be very thankful n.o

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  • Erzalyyn

    So after tama replied to my precious blog post, I straight away send Fluffy to pet expeditio at merida for 3 hours. The first epidition and second expedition, there's no loot she bring back. But at the third expedition she bring medelita x3. Am so happy she finally brought a loot from expedition for the first time ! hahhaha XD 

    After that I asked someone help to brush my pet for 10 times and WALLAHHH she get 5 hearts and Rank C ! Yeyyy to Fluffy and I ><   

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  • Erzalyyn

    So today I just got a pet from the story quest anatole. Got galgal egg and I name it "Fluffy". I really wanna name my pet Fluffy since before I even get the pet hehehe...

    So after I just reached level 90. I straight away do the quest at apys forest till anatole quest. I try to solo anatole but I can't obviously.... So since yesterday I try to find someone who did the same story quest like me and today I found the someone doing same story quest like me. So we party and we trying to full our gain break. I died countless of time whenever I already fill my gb. And lastly, we only full the first gb and comes the fight with anatole.

    Oh and before the fight with anatole, Faran gave me 50 deca-medelita she said to help me with the anatole since she alrea…

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  • Mister Ghosty

    Hello! I am Ghosty! Me and my brilliant team of scientists have decided to help out a little with the wiki. We are translating some data from the Japanese wiki, and also, something I'm excited about, is that we're logging data to the effects of figuring out exactly how often each item drops from each mob! This may not be so important per se, but I feel like it will really help the people who are trying to figure out where to grind for item collection and how long it will take them, amoung other things!

    I made this thread for discussion, but mainly for publishing my progress so others have access to our findings in case we run out of steam or get held up in the middle of data collection! Also because I'm excited and the game is down for mant…

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  • Eru Kami

    Status of the wiki

    April 23, 2014 by Eru Kami

    Greetings to all.

    To those that know who I am, good to see you. To those that don't, I am one of the inactive wiki admin.

    I will not give an excuse for being inactive, I will just leave it to the imagination of those reading this. Be it laziness, too busy, or being eaten by a basilisk (which would be cool to see a basilisk, although I would prefer to see a dragon).

    Now for the point of this post, the status of the wiki admin and the future of the wiki. Currently I am really only in contact with Marine maiden, so I can only comment on their status and my own. As of now, I am slowly returning to actually playing CA. For the past few months I have just been logging in and sending my pet on quests to get meat to increase its affinity. Now that it…

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  • Obey kazz

    gunner class

    December 9, 2013 by Obey kazz

    hello players im obey_kazz and ill be posting thing about the gunner class the gunner class is often an even class and i noticed that there is almost nothing on the gunner class so ill keep an update to the people who need it or often get lost creating a character.

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  • Tama 92


    November 7, 2013 by Tama 92

    I'm not taking any credit for it, the data are translated from this page, an excellent resource if you can read some Japanese :)

    These data can be updated at all times, so they may be inexact when you'll read this post, but they'll still be precise enough to give a good idea.

    When you fight monsters that are a lot weaker than you, you'll earn a lot less experience, so it is advised to fight monsters at least at the same level than you. More precisely (the average monster level being taken into account) :

    ~10 level difference : 100% xp

    11-15 level difference : 70% xp

    16+ level difference : 40% xp

    This part will need some formatting, for now a shameful copy/paste from the website :p

    Lv1→2   … 50exp
    Lv2→3   … 126exp
    Lv3→4   … 226exp
    Lv4→5   … 353exp

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  • Tama 92

    Cheating & co

    October 14, 2013 by Tama 92

    It seems that the number of cheaters have increased during the last days, I first saw a report of a player called "Infinite" who managed to hack something to get 9999 damage (note that 9999 is not the max amount of damage you can deal, but that's another story :p), and then people telling that they want to stop playing because of the cheaters.

    Here's the thing : in a game, moreover an online one, there will always be cheaters. There are "annoying" things, like not dealing enough damage or not getting the item/equipment/whatever after a long time. Or some people simply want to prove they can do it. No matter the protections that the creator of the game (here, Asobimo) may have put, people will always find a method to go around it (I'm looking…

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  • Tama 92

    Is this new ?

    October 3, 2013 by Tama 92

    Today, while playing around as usual in the japanese version, I noticed this window when fighting a boss ; as I always confirmed the target fast after choosing to attack I never really paid attention to what happens during the selection of the target, but I don't remember having seen it before, so it may be something added in one of the recent updates :3

    Anyway, I find it really helpful, especially for mages (weakness/strongness is displayed), since as a knight I can't change my weapon during the fight... you can also know when this boss you've been fighting for several minutes will be down, and it updates in real-time (if I stay on this screen while my friend is attacking the boss, the number I see in the window will change). It seems that…

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  • Tama 92

    Don't mind me, I'm just an archive blog post for the older "personal messages" on my user page :p

    (28/06) This page is getting longer and longer, but that's ok, there are not many people reading it xD. Today I trained with a friend and some people I found, and leveled up to level 113 (from level 109), with each level needing between 600K and 700K hp, that's more than 2.5M xp in one evening, not bad ^-^. Also, I reached the 1000 strength (1001) for the first time, that's great :D.

    Next objective, level 115 ! 700K to the next level, and I'm only at level 113, can't imagine how much xp I'll need when approaching the current limit cap (240)

    (24/06) Been busy these last days (written report :() so I didn't play much. My main character is now level…

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  • Tama 92


    September 26, 2013 by Tama 92

    You've already gone past level 135 ? You find it boring that you're too powerful for most of the monsters you meet ? No 4th class ? How about a new job ? You're in ? Good ! But you'll need to start again from the beginning... yup, level 1. Still in ? Oooh, you're tough ! Let's talk about reincarnation...

    About 10 days in...

    Wait what ? I was level 160 a few days ago, what happened ? This is not an old screenshot, it was taken while writing this blog post (you can check the date of the screenshot if you don't believe me : 2013-09-26).

    That's the reincarnation, a special quest given from Vitt, accessible once you reach level 135. As the name implies, you'll be reincarnated and get back to the "noob" you were at the very beginning (level 1). Rem…

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  • Tama 92


    September 17, 2013 by Tama 92

    A short post, more of an excuse to upload my not-so-good map, for my own convenience and maybe yours :p

    Full-size image

    Each part is assorted with the minimum level and the story quest required to be able to enter it. A video is also available on my youtube channel which is a tour from Merida village to Merida village (see the light blue path)

    Oh, and some parts are still in Japanese but I think they are already translated (you can see the english name when using a locus ticket for example), I'll update them... one day.

    Did I say my handwriting is horrible ? :p


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  • Tama 92

    Thoughts on new beta

    September 1, 2013 by Tama 92

    A few days ago (August 28th), Asobimo quietly re-opened the beta again, with an announcement on their official website and a new application on the play store. Here's the details taken from the official announcement :

    • Level cap is 55 ; that's not enough to get to second class change (65) but not so far, the first beta opened with a limit cap of 30 at the beginning. The next updates will increase it, and I expect the players to be able to change class by October (or even sooner ?) but it will be a long time until this version will match the japanese one (level cap 250) and/or things will get interesting
    • More story quests released : I have just finished the 2nd chapter, haven't noticed anything new until now, but well, because there were none …
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  • Tama 92

    Video dumping :D

    August 24, 2013 by Tama 92

    Now that I have all the tools necessary to do some screencasts, I can record the different fights against the bosses :D

    So here is a video dumping of some bosses fought during these few last months/weeks/days, alone or with friends/guild members (I love my current guild too >w

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  • Tama 92

    Class change !

    July 28, 2013 by Tama 92

    After an intense session of me-calling-a-strong-friend-to-kill-monsters-do-nothing-and-earn-xp, I finally managed to reach level 135 \o/

    For those who don't know what this means, read the title again :3 level 135 is the level to reach to be able to take 3rd class change quest, i.e specialize in what you chose in the 2nd class change (for example, knight -> lord knight). It opens level 7-9 skills and tons of other things (level 3 gain break...) that I have yet to discover :p

    The test this time is a fight against Elmo (easy) and then Vitt (a little more difficult, though ridiculously easy when in a party :D). I went with a friend (gunner), heavy lock is great :D

    Now with the new equipment given after defeating Vitt, I have ~1250 in attack and ~…

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  • Tama 92

    Video test :3

    July 24, 2013 by Tama 92

    I like to solo some boss and make some screencasts (record the screen) for the fun :3

    Here's me solo-ing Jiiragaransu (or "Jira" for short), the fish monster found in the depth of the royal core institute ; I'm currently level 128 and it is level 100 "only", so it's easy to kill it ; I still take quite a lot of damage from its best attack (between 500 and 600) but that's ok, I have enough potions to last for a looooong time

    For those wondering, yes, my bag capacity is 80, there are upgrades in the "true" shop (In-app purchases) to be able to hold more items in the storage or when out of town (my bag is at 80 and my storage at 150). The potion I am trying to use first is a femto-spirita (+220MP) before realizing that I derp'd and need a potio…

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  • Kagene Okuji

    Hey guys, it's been a while. Unfortunately, I was and currently am on a hiatus from Celes Arca. The main purpose of this post was originally to serve as a tutorial on how to use an emulator because a friend of mine had trouble with hers. I decided to post the tutorial on a different site. I apologize for the wasted image I uploaded earlier, could someone delete it?

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  • Tama 92

    Hey to whatever-still-reading-this :p

    Here are some basic sentences for you, yes you, playing the japanese version of Celes Arca. Grab yourself a japanese keyboard (Google Japanese Input is good, you can also try 7-notes with mazec to write sentences with handwriting) and help yourself when you need it ! :3

    I collected those sentences while observing people chatting in the different towns. They can differ a little (oral speech, dialect ...) but players around you will understand you if you say those. Use it or not, your choice ;)

    Yes - はい (ha-i)

    No - いいえ (i-i-e)

    Thank you - ありがとう (a-ri-ga-to-u)

    Hello - こんにちは (今日は) (ko-n-ni-chi-ha) or こんばんは (今晩は) (ko-n-ba-n-ha) the evening

    I need X :

    • X持ってる人いませんか? ([X] mo-t-te-ru-hi-to-i-ma-se-n-ka ?) => Doe…

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  • Tama 92

    This is the fourth part of a series about the Japanese version of Celes Arca, and what we will be able to see in the future. The first part is here and the latest part is here

    - checking last post date - already been 2 months ?! Time sure flies by ! In the meantime, I've began my internship in a foreign country and doing a rather un-interesting job involving ... well, I think you don't care about this ; anyway the point is that I've had less time to play the game (but still spend several hours when I can \o/)

    At the end of the last post, I just got my pet, and was a lv-45-ish player, struggling during fights on the already known fields to reach the town of Adelbard where 6-7 months ago everything ended. I also had a < lv10 pet which I certai…

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  • Kagene Okuji


    March 31, 2013 by Kagene Okuji

    After nearly 5 months, I'm able to play Celes Arca again thanks to a little help from Tama. As someone who's only played for about 2 days, there's not much to talk about other than what I've noticed right off the bat. Immediately after the tutorial, I realised that in the Japanese version, there are sakura trees in the center of Merida Village. Another thing I've noticed is that XP curve is different from the International version in which people level up faster in the Japanese version (or is it just me?)

    Honestly, I disliked having to translate and guess things for missions in the beginning. But the nostalgia from playing again overpowered that, which made me persevere. Now, I don't mind it as much since I've added translations to the wiki…

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  • Tama 92

    This is the third part of a series about the Japanese version of Celes Arca, and what we will be able to see in the future. The first part is here and the latest part is here

    The wiki was (and still is :/) inactive since the servers closed at the end of October. Someone recently posted a message implying that they would be back soon, and then nothing, again. (If you are reading this, we're still waiting for your answer :p). Anyway, I was bored so I decided to resume the game I began in the japanese (original) version :)

    The Celes Arca team is doing a good job, and the japanese version number is now 1.73 ("we" are stuck at 1.19). I've yet to see all the things added, but it seems that there are regular events that make the game enjoyable, and…

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  • Tama 92

    Still waiting

    January 22, 2013 by Tama 92

    Hello to the few people who are still hoping :)

    It's already been 4 months since the servers closed, and we still don't know when the next version will come out (if it ever comes out, but let's be optimist !). It's already 2013, so while I'm a little late, happy new year to all the readers, may your hopes come true :)

    I'll admit that even me come here only once in a blue moon, checking the official site for news which don't seem to come. I could send a mail to Asobimo but I'm sure that I'll only receive a standard answer telling me to wait ; I'm not considering myself special anyway, and I'm sure they already got quite a lot of those letters :D

    This wiki will once again begin to move once the new version is online ; in the meantime there is s…

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  • Tama 92

    UPDATE (March 13th, 2014) : As of version 1.8.0, the test for checking rooted devices (executing 'su -c' and checking if a process was launched) was removed in the English Version. That means that rooted devices can play the game again. The other tests (cheating app...) are still there, so don't cheat !

    Well, maybe it's a little too late, but I finally got some time to look into the code. With some basic linux knowledge and with some tools, it's easy to get a glimpse at the code of the application.

    Here is what it checks, and the different fix :

    • The program first checks the "build tags" to see if there is the string "test-keys" inside it. If this string is found, it returns the "I failed in start (8001001)" error and exits. That explains why e…

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  • Tama 92

    End of beta ?

    October 21, 2012 by Tama 92

    If you go to the Celes Arca link in the Play Store, you'll notice that some text was added in the description :

    So ... the "Beta Test" as they call it is going to end this Tuesday at 20:00 PST. A new version will replace the one we currently have. Will they keep players' data (without the ones that "cheated") ? and will they allow rooted users to play, even though we are not sure if rooting the device is what causes the "I failed in start" error ?

    Anyway, it's a landmark and we can expect lots of new things to come, look forward to it ! We'll try to cover as much as we can, that is ... if we can play it.

    See you ! :)


    EDIT : reading it again, it is not clear whether it will continue after Tuesday, or if they will do some more programming an…

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  • Tama 92

    About the newest updates

    October 10, 2012 by Tama 92

    A new update popped up this morning, I updated it and now I can't play on all the devices I own : one is my galaxy tab (can't play on rooted devices, don't want to unroot), on my phone I can't start it, it pops an error as soon as I launch it ("I failed in start (80010001)") \o/

    That's why, until it's fixed (I hope it doesn't take too much time) or someone have a workaround, I won't be able to properly update the wiki ; there are other editors of course, and everyone is free to participate, so it should be ok

    See you~~


    UPDATE (Oct 12) : a new version (1.18.0) has been pushed to the market and .... still not working. Try again...

    UPDATE (Oct 13) : Checked to see if it is the same in the japanese version, and I get the same message (in japan…

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  • Eru Kami

    After about a week of doing absolutely nothing, I am back... For the most part. While I would love to post about my thoughts and pictures of the convention I went to this past weekend, the newest update is more important. With the newest update (was 1.13.0 when I started writing this, but is now 1.14.0) comes some bug fixes, a new GUI for our friends list and a very big problem for users with rooted devices/USB Debugging enabled.

    Aside from the Malettie's untranslated attacks, I do not know of any bugs that would need to be fixed, so I will skip commenting about the bug fixes.

    Another change in the 1.13.0/1.14.0 update is the new GUI for our friends lists (see image below). The older GUI was smaller with a max number of 8 people per screen. Wit…

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  • Tama 92

    Class change II

    September 20, 2012 by Tama 92

    Yesterday, the level cap was opened to 70, and everyone (including me) rushed to the newest fields to level up as fast as possible :D

    Well, I spent all the day farming mobs in the Heath Locus Portal (and making a new sword too :p), so at the end of the day I reached the level 65 and took the change class quest from Yugue

    And of course, I took some screenshots to share with others, here's a preview :)

    As you can see, statistics went up a lot (I gained 150 str for example) and we also have new skills, including a new gain break (the 2nd one !). It works by filling the bar 2 times (first green as before, and then in orange once it is entirely filled in green).

    We also have new keys to unlock new levels for the skills (for example, the knights hav…

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  • Tama 92


    September 5, 2012 by Tama 92

    Little blog post about what I did this morning :)

    Today, I needed some Conana Seed to make a Charge III core, so while I was killing Caramos, I logged what they dropped to see the probability of each of their drops.

    Here's what I did : I fought 100 groups of Caramo, and only Caramo (no other monsters, jelly toad or wooden), and at the end of each battle noted what they dropped. The results are the following :

    And yes, the total is above 100% (129%) because sometimes there are multiple drops.

    Maybe I'll try with other monsters when I'll feel doing it :)

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  • Eru Kami

    Image Names

    August 20, 2012 by Eru Kami

    At the current count, there are 340 pictures on this site. A minimum of 60 (thinking 80-90) are related to monsters, 4 are related to NPCs and the rest are a combination of user profile images, quest images, and site change images. Among all of them, only about 70 (guessing) have names that are searchable. The way the wiki searches for images, it looks through a database of image names and tries to find the ones that have the same text one might be searching for. For example:

    Search: Gripper -> name like “%Gripper%”-> Matched image names

    If I actually looked up the name Gripper while searching for images, then I would get images for all (my fault, which I plan to fix), which would be annoying to track down and find.</strike>

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  • ProVince

    I think we should seperate each type of materials as soon as possible because I'm now noticing that the Materials page is getting really REALLY long that the contents itself looks like a 12-inch ruler.

    Why seperate?

    - It's getting too long

    - Players might get confuse on finding a singular material

    - the contents itself is really long that it looks like a 12-inch ruler(missing no. 12, Lol)

    - We are still in the beta test so that means we are still expecting alot more of materials

    Sorry if there aren't any more reasons but I know that these are reasonable enough.

    I think we should put this on a vote whether or not we should seperate and recategorize this page.

    I think I started the Materials page( I'm not sure) but in my opinion, It's getting too lo…

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  • Eru Kami

    While providing links to other pages is a must, we are seriously linking way too much. Once per section is fine, but 2-3 within a few sentences is seriously overkill. We do not want to beat the user into going to a page, but let them transverse the wiki as they please. While everyone may not agree with this, we have to decide on a common way to link between pages. I for one think that there should only be one link per Heading 2 block for a page (ie link to Gripper only once when it is mentioned multiple times). For instance:

    How we currently link:

    • Defeat 5 Mage Letties, Drepanons and Parvatails in the valley, then pick up Gino's report.
    • Quest Item required: Mage Lettie (5), Drepanon (5), Parvatail (5)
    • Bring Gino's report to Vitt in Merida Villag…

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  • Eru Kami

    NOTE: I will not provide any information on how I obtained any of the images provided in this post. If you would like to see the game assets, please investigate on how to view everything yourself as accessing this data could possibly violate the ToS for Celes Arca.

    Call it boredom or idle curiosity, I've always wanted to get a better look at the monsters, maps, weapons, armor, and avatars in game. Yes we get close-ups of weapons, armor, and monsters at some point during battles, but it's never satisfied my curiosity. Well, curiosity got the better of me this past weekend, so I had a little fun. Using a few programs, I obtained an indepth look at the models of nearly everything in the game up to the point of where we can access (trying to ac…

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  • Tama 92

    This is the second part of a series about the Japanese version of Celes Arca, and what we will be able to see in the future. The first part is here

    A lot of new updates have arrived in the international version, but the japanese version is still a step ahead :)

    Here is an "omake" (the japanese term for "bonus") with some screenshots of what we can (once again) see in a few weeks/months

    Today, I logged in as usual, downloaded a new version (as usual, updates seems to be frequent, or is it that I don't play enough ?), and chose my usual character, as ... wait, no, what's this background ? did they include real time in there ? (Note : I was playing at 12:30pm GMT+2, so it was probably 7 or 8pm in Japan, for those who don't know, the sun sets bef…

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  • Eru Kami

    Just accidently did this, thought someone might find it amusing.

    When you get the chance to do the quest The Flames of Civilization for Fedelie in Grillard, do the following:

    1. After getting the items to complete the quest, talk to Fedelie.
    2. When the game starts to inform you that you gave Fedelie the items, go to the home screen of your device (locking the screen works as well).
    3. Wait a few minutes then open Celes Arca again. You should be returned to the title (if not, try the latter Step 2 again)
    4. When at the title screen, log back in and enjoy.


    • Entering Caderc Tower will undo the effect
    • Entering Merida Village will undo the effect
    • It appears that this cannot be done with any other quests (I have only tested this with 2)
    • Try at your own risk, thi…
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  • Tama 92

    Cake day !

    July 24, 2012 by Tama 92

    It's past midnight here (00:20 GMT+2) so it is the 25th, in other words my birthday \o/

    I'm turning 21, so "I'm coming of age everywhere" as my sister tells me. I can drink alcohol everywhere :D (and I dislike drinking though ._.)

    Anyway, feel free to post too when it's your birthday, so we can celebrate it together :)

    See you~

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  • Marine maiden

    Screenshots are uploaded to:

    Some of them has copyright mark, some not - so need to be modified first. I took the whole Ordina Ordeal shots since it seems to contribute heavily to the story. Might be useful for anyone who intend to write story line. I don't upload to the wiki since I dunno if it will be of use or not. Any wiki user can take the pictures, reupload and use it here. Just remember to add copyright since some of them are taken by Galaxy 2's native screenshot function.

    I have also taken some random shots of NPC. Whether it's useful or not, all of you can decide :) I'll back up my Celes Arca screenshot from now on there.

    Note: I'm done uploading.

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  • Tama 92

    About the new update...

    July 13, 2012 by Tama 92

    Wow, they added a lot of new things in this new update !

    • You can now access the item shop to buy avatars (head only for now) ; you are given 1500 coins for now, I have not found the way to have more but I suppose you'll have to buy it with real money
    • By the way, you can now increase storage space, it costs 300 coins to have 10 more types in the storage (I have currently 50 spaces)
    • Integrated the green bar that was present in the japanese version, instead of the buttons on the bottom right before
    • Added small logo to indicate
    • Added alchemy \o/
    • You can type "have" now in the chat window (was h**e before ...)
    • ... and other things, I certainly missed some :p

    What do you think about this new update ?

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  • The Zangdar

    I stole the idea cause its a good one, ;)

    • applying templates on all already existing?
    • sorting weapon, I suggest adding the lvl in the summary, like staff lvl 1-9, 10-19 etc
    • fill the blank

    • created link to the related quest
    • created links to drop page
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  • The Zangdar

    Tips n strategy

    July 1, 2012 by The Zangdar

    I dunno if its already write somewhere, but i think it can be of some help to explain some of basics about building a car, farming, hunting bosses.

    I've seen many ppl alocated points only in spi, I'm not sure all really understand what it involved to do that.

    Ill write those basics here, n if ppl think its worth it build a new page for it.

    There is 5 main build for fighter n mage, the gunners have more choices, based on the main stat. The main stat of fighters is spirit, mage int, gunner tec. So you can build like follow:

    • 100% main also called pure, paper or even crystal in some other game..
    • 75% main, 25% def, also called semi-pure
    • 50/50
    • 25/75
    • 100% def also called tank

    Pure and tank are the hardest to build cause they have to spend a lot of status…

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  • Eru Kami

    Quests To Do List

    July 1, 2012 by Eru Kami
    • Determine order at which NPC Headers are listed
    • Add in links for Monsters, Items and Places
    • Check spelling (found a few Bos instead of Boss)
    • Check to be sures Quests belong to NPC (was unsure on a few)
    • Check descriptions of quests
    • Add in missing items
    • Add initial reward and after reward items to repeatable quests (there is a difference)
    • Add notes about gender specific quests

    If anyone has anything else, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

    Update: Removed NPCs from Needs link group.

    Read more >
  • Tama 92

    This is the second part of a series about the Japanese version of Celes Arca, and what we will be able to see in the future. The first part is here

    It's been a long time (well, not really) since the last update, so here is a quick blog post to post about some updates since last time.

    I'll say it here : nothing really outstanding happened, I'm still at a relatively low level (just leveled up to level 17 a few minutes ago) so I'm still "within the range of the international version". There are some things here and there that can't be found in the version "we" know, the first one being obviously the avatars. (see bonus shots ;))

    • Featuring :
      • Quests : Stationed in Merida (Chapter 1)
      • Monsters : Alfeld, Rigidtail, Lettie, Lich Lettie, Floating Eye, Ke…

    Read more >
  • Eru Kami

    Imagine the following:

    You're in an area and you do not want anything from the monsters or you are trying to avoid the annoying ones. You are dodging like a pro; easily avoid all the monsters like you are a ninja moving through the shadows on a moonless night. All is going well and it looks like you are going to get through the area swiftly when all of sudden your movement is slowed/stopped, the nearest obstacle/wall is about a meter (in game meter btw) away and that homing monster has caught up and is now attacking. Well my ninja friend, you just ran head on into that cleverly placed courtyard pole and the soliders are now laughing at you.

    Sound familiar? No? Well I’ll explain anyways. It's those pesky invisible barriers that all games have…

    Read more >
  • Tama 92

    This is the first part of a series about the Japanese version of Celes Arca, and what we will be able to see in the future

    Celes Arca was recently opened as Alpha to international users of Android devices, but it is still possible to download it as its original version Here (market link) (use an unlocker, it is country-restricted, no link, search for yourself !) or Here (Official site, better !)

    Here is a preview of what the japanese version looks like, and what features "we" are still missing and can expect in the months to come

    Note : Although I can speak Japanese, I'm still learning it and still have a basic knowledge, so there are lots of things that I may not be able to translate correctly (this wiki will help me though XD), please use G…

    Read more >
  • ProVince

    I noticed that some players and contributors to this wiki use different words but mostly the same meaning.

    Let me give you some examples:


    Northern/Southern Almerie Plains

    Upper/Lower Almerie Plains



    Weakness: Thunder

    Weakness: Lightning



    Absorbs: Water

    Strong: Water

    Maybe it's not that serious but we contributors and other players need to be on the same page here because some think that "strong" means that they don't "absorb" it.

    Just hope this helps...


    Read more >
  • Marine maiden

    To Do List

    June 14, 2012 by Marine maiden

    More like a guideline to remind me of tasks I can do. Everyone can also help if they have time

    1. Creating Patrice and Mimi Alchemy page (Tama_92 will help)
    2. Creating charts for equipment upgrade list (discussion here --> Forum:Equipment Chart)
    3. Update Equipment - Accessory page
    4. Updating Quest List (Eru-Kami is helping)
    5. Update Equipment - Leg page
    6. Update Equipment - Weapon page
    7. Update Equipment - Head page
    8. Update Equipment - Body page
    9. Update Equipment - Shield page
    10. Updating Item List (Eru-Kami is helping)
    11. Might need FAQ page (need discussion on what to put)

    1. Create Alchemy page for Anna - (Tama_92 would be helping)
    2. Cleaning up abbreviation in each equipment page to have standard format - done
    3. Create separate page for all NPC, post their screenshot and list down al…

    Read more >
  • ProVince

    What is Alpha Test?

    June 11, 2012 by ProVince

    Celes Arca has been a hit in the market and many gamers have been playing this for a while now.

    Some players don't know that Celes Arca is in the Alpha Test right now, Pretty impressive actually for an Alpha Test.

    And I just heard from players that Asobimo Inc. is planning to finish Alpha Test next year, approximately January 2013.

    Some of you will say:

    "Why that long?"

    "What is Alpha Test?"

    "Why does 2012 comes first?"

    And I don't know the answer, Let's research on what Alpha Test means:

    I got this definition from this site:

    It is conducted at the Developer sight by end users
    If the testers and real customers combinedly test the software in development site then it is called Alpha testing.
    In … Read more >

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