Battlefield Locus Portal
Battlefield Locus Portal
Battlefield Locus Portal


Camellia, Montes


Bigfoot, Poison Toad, Sir Lettie

Menothra Plain - Battlefield Locus Portal - Tordeschul Canyon - Earth Sanctuary

One of the Locus Portal that can be accessible by Level 80. you can get there walking on Level 70. monsters in there, are in Level 90, be careful. 

Conected ToEdit

Monster CombinationsEdit


  • Camellia
2014-06-30 07.54.45


  • Montes

Portal DestinationsEdit

  • Merida Village - Lv1 - 1000Z
  • Forest Locus Portal - Lv 24 - 390Z
  • Tower in Ordina - Lv 30 - 630Z
  • Grillard Village - Lv 35 - 850Z
  • Adelbard - Lv 50 - 500Z
  • Heath Locus Portal - Lv 50 - 400Z


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