Adelbard Gate
Adelbard Gate
Adelbard Gate




Lettie, Rare Diza, Sir Lettie, Wink, Vexitaurus,

Priere Plain - Adelbard Gate - Adelbard Downtown

Adelbard Gate serves as the connection between Priere Plain and Adelbard. Containing lush grasslands and a flowing river like the one found in Priere Plain, Adelbard Gate is populated by stronger versions of the Lettie and Vexitaurus which are significantly stronger than their pre-Loudad Cave counterparts. A new flying eye monster, called a Wink can be found in the area and will occasionally be accompanied by a Rare Diza if encoutered near the western part of the central section of the area. A new Lettie type monster, called the Sir Lettie, can be found in the southwestern section near the entrance to Priere Plain.

Monster CombinationsEdit


Adelbard Gate is an extension of Priere Plain.


  • Adelbard Gate
  • Adelbard Gate


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