Acritus is a boss found on the upper floor in the back of Torencia Cave.

Acritus serves as the boss for the Chapter 2 Story 3 Quest: Shadow of the Caelum - Lost in The Cave. It can be fought again repeatably after finishing the quest and taking the Repeatable Quest: Terror in the Cave. Completing this quest is the only way to get the Crimson Plate and Crimson Boots Equipment.



Story questEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
25 ~7500 48 ? ? Fire? Fire attacks (ignis) heal the monster

Repeatable questEdit

Lvl HP Exp Zell Weakness Resistance Notes
45 ~21368 48 15 Lightning/Light/Water ? Fire attacks (ignis) heal the monster


  • Tail Rush (Charge 1) - A charged attack that deal damage to the entire party
  • Earthquake - A multi-hit attack that deals earth based damage to target
  • Elbow Smash - Physical attack
  • Charge - Physical attack



Related QuestEdit


Acritus and Keratus look exactly like identical twin turtles (Except for the color of course)

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